Alexander Pushkin’s – Marie – A Story of Russian Love

by Mikael

A very straightforward and elegant love story by Russia’s Father of Literature. The text is available from Project Gutenberg as usual, though with one of its several alternative titles. Here is the general plot together with a schematic of location vs. time and a highlighting of pivotal moments.

[Visualization as PDF]

The locations appear to be mostly on the river Volga, more or less close to the border of Kazakhstan. I cross-checked with the original text in Russian and searched Google Maps to find:

  • Belogorsk (Belogorskaya) Белогорская: Where Peter was stationed, should be 40 verst (possibly 40-60 Km) from Orenbourg but while there are plenty of matches for the name, there are none within the distance as far as Google Maps is concerned.
  • Khasan (Kazan) Казань: This is where Peter was imprisoned.
  • Orenbourg (Orenburg) Оренбурга: A major city where Peter spent some time after fleeing Belogorsk.
  • Simbirsk (Simbirsk) Симбирска: Peter’s home.

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